Before my love for furniture, there was love for trees.

As a boy, I climbed them, dreamed among their branches and took a nap in the shade with my dog. Their constant presence intrigued me, how they slowly evolve, barely changing from year to year, connecting us to us. Then when I grew up, my work led me to know how this invaluable resource can be used to build solid furniture that people can experience day after day for their needs, comfort and beauty.

Trees are equally important in their life as in their death. This is why I believe that our resource should be acquired responsibly and trees should be preserved whenever possible.

industrial table legs

Sustainability of raw materials with selection of the best wood.


Dokke design

We produce quality by giving each single piece care and attention to detail. From design planning, to the sustainable research of raw materials, to the selection of the best wood for each project, through construction and finishing. Handcrafted legs for furniture
All our products are handmade by local artisans in the heart of Tuscany. Their fathers taught what it means to work with your own hands, paying close attention to detail, to build solid furniture that will last, natural and timeless, to be loved forever, becoming an integral part of your home.
Collaboration with interior designers and architects has motivated us to produce furniture and accessories for a range of commercial projects, such as bars, restaurants, offices, hotels, etc.

We are passionate about what we do and have such a love for our craft that whenever a customer appreciates our product, we are happy. We have close relationships with many clients to whom we give advice and are often their first point of reference. Handcrafted legs for furniture

We absolutely believe that “buying less, choosing well and making it last” is the right way to live.

Artisanal production of commercial furnishings.

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We collaborate with architects and interior designers



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