Feet vintage armchairs design 50s SilverTip

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SilverTip vintage armchairs, to replace the legs of your vintage furniture, 50’s furniture pins, bed footy, sofa feet



SilverTip 50s vintage armchairs SilverTip

SilverTip steel feet are the perfect solution to replace the feet to your vintage 50s design armchair, but not only.

You can use SilverTip feet:

  • to replace the legs of your vintage furniture
  • if you are looking for bed feet or sleeping feet to renew the design of your bed
  • if you want to renew the style divano of your sofas with new sofa feet
  • you’re looking for legs for IKEA furniture to customize them
  • you’re creating new nightstands and you need bedside feet
  • you have a nice wooden board and you want feet for lounge table to create a unique piece
  • you’re designing new furniture and you need moving legs
  • you’re restoring and you’re missing 50s furniture feet
  • you want white furniture feet to make them elegant
  • you can’t find designer furniture feet for your creations

You can choose the ideal size between the various heights:

  • 20 cm
  • 25 cm
  • 30 cm
  • 35 cm
  • 40 cm
  • 45 cm

in the tilt you prefer:

  • Straight
  • tilted 10 degrees
  • tilted 25 degrees



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Additional information


20 cm – 8 in, 25 cm – 10 in, 30 cm – 12 in, 35 cm – 14 in, 40 cm – 16 in, 45 cm – 18 in


Straight, 10 Degrees, 25 Degrees